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Metal treatment
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Continuous WMO reformer.

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This construction manual describes the continuous waste oil distiller construction.
The construction manual contains a list of materials, sketches, sizes, and step-by-step construction instructions supported with photos of every part and step required for the distiller construction. The manual also includes a brief but detailed description of the electronic thermal control unit for controlling the oil distillation machine.

The "used oil" distiller is a high-temperature device that processes used motor or automatic transmission oils or liquid hydrocarbons at high temperatures. The machine is relatively safe compared to giant monsters where people are trying to boil gallons and gallons of motor oil at once - and no one wants to be next to an extremely hot system filled with hundreds of liters of overheated oil.

During distillation, the processing oil is stored in a separate container, and processing oil is continuously pumped into the reactor of the distiller. Simultaneously, the resulting fuel and waste can also be evacuated from the distiller into the containers via the pipes. The continuous distiller design eliminates overpressure - the reactor has a bypass. As a result, all the reactions happen at atmospheric pressure, while no oxygen can get into the system.
The production rate of the distiller is up to 24L per hour of diesel fraction, which must be treated prior to further use.
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